Dues & Fees
Every homeowner is a member of the HOA and the payment of annual dues is not optional. The annual dues currently are $225 a year and are due on Jan. 1 each year. Please contact the HOA for accurate due rates outside the current year.
Dues Structure: Mail Dues to:
  • $225-January 1-March 31
  • $275-April 1-April 30
  • Liens filed May 1 for
    unpaid dues
Timber Creek Estates Homeowners Association
PO Box 31431
Tampa, FL 33631
Pay online at www.neighborhoodsplus.com
Timber Creek Estates HOA contracts
Neighborhood Service Corporation (NSC) as
the Managing Agent. NSC utilizes a check-processing
service with offices in Florida.
Prorated dues for the current year will be collected by the title company at closing, and those with a closing date toward the end of the year may have had the next year’s dues collected also. This information should be listed in the breakdown of fees in your closing documents.
Should dues not be paid in full for 12 months or more, the HOA will begin the necessary legal process to collect all past-due amounts from those residents that have not paid. This could include, but is not limited to, filings within Small Claims Court or foreclosure proceedings.
We want to work with those that might be experiencing a difficulty in paying. Please contact the HOA immediately if you feel you might be in this situation.
Our annuals dues help us pay for the things that make our neighborhood a better and safer place to live.
Fall Festival
Posted on Oct 30th, 2019
Fall Festival is this coming Saturday, November 2nd, 2:00pm-5:00pm.  Bounce house, yard games, duck game, fall craft, chili and treats!  Hope to see you there!
Halloween Decoration Contest
Posted on Oct 30th, 2019
Click on the link below to vote for your favorite Halloween decorations in the neighborhood!
Click here to see more pics >>
Posted on Oct 9th, 2019
Effective immediately, Angee Wagner, Megan Watkins and Jennifer Wagner has rescinded their resignations.  More information to come.
Amenity Meeting
Posted on Oct 1st, 2019
Monday, September 30th, the board held a meeting at the pool to discuss the top three options for our amenity addition.  We did not hold a vote due to the small number of votes that were returned.  We will be sending out more information in the next newsletter.  Minutes are available below in case you were unable to attend.
Holiday Party
Saturday, December 14th
Report a Violation
Have you noticed something that violates the Covenants? Report it here.
All homeowners and renters must comply with the Covenants, which are reasonable rules to protect property values, preserve the nature of our community, and make life more enjoyable for everyone. The homeowners association has the legal authority to enforce all covenants and do so equitably and consistently.