Trash Day: Thursday
Recycling Day: Every other Thursday
Set It Out On Time
Know your collection day. Look at your current water bill, visit okcutilities.com, or My Trash Day  
Always set out your trash, recycling or bulky waste no later than 6 a.m. on your assigned collection day. You can set out regular trash and recycling the night before service, and bulky waste up to three days before your service date.
If a City holiday falls on your collection day, we will make it up on a designated make-up day. Bulky waste service does not change due to the holiday calendar.
Set it Out Right
Place items on the curbside, facing the street front.
Place carts and bulky waste items at least 5 feet away from obstacles, including mailboxes, gas meters, trees and shrubs, fire hydrants or parked cars.
Do not place carts or bulky trash in the street or on the sidewalk.
Carts should be set out at least 3 feet from one another.
Do not put carts or bulky waste on top of water meters.
Do not park in the street where trucks cannot access your trash or bulky items.
Was your trash missed? 
Visit okcutilities.com or call (405) 297-2833 to report it within the first 48 hours, or you may have to wait until the next collection cycle. Crews will return for missed trash or recycling within one business day. For bulky trash, it may take up to three business days for crews to return.
Bulky Waste Set-out Guidelines
Set out your bulky trash no later than 6 a.m. on your monthly pick-up date. Please allow up to three days for crews to pick everything up.
You may set out your bulky waste up to three days prior to your assigned pick-up day, but no sooner. Setting it out earlier may result in a ticket or a fine.
Place your bulky waste on the curb and not in the street. Leave about 5 feet of space on all sides, and do not place bulky waste near mailboxes, trees, electric boxes, gas meters, power lines or other obstacles.
Place items loose on the curbside in an area where they can be easily picked up.
Do not place items on the driveway or over storm drains.
Do not cover your water meter.  
Do not place bulky waste in an empty lot or on unoccupied property. This is considered illegal dumping and the waste will not be picked up.
The first four cubic yards (about the size of two refrigerators) are included in your monthly service fee. Customers who place out more than the allowed amount will be charged for additional waste on their next Utility bill.
Was your bulky waste missed?
Visit okcutilities.com or call (405) 297-2833 and report the missed collection within 48 hours after the three-day collection period, or you may have to wait until the next collection cycle. It may take up to three business days for crews to return.
What we pick up:
Large and small household appliances, including refrigerators. However, for any appliances containing Freon or other coolants, including refrigerators or air conditioners – customers need to call (405) 297-2833 to make special arrangements prior to your regular bulk pick-up day.
Mattresses, furniture and carpets
Small trees and landscape waste from DIY projects. Large tree or landscape debris produced by contracted landscapers must be hauled off by the landscaper.
Small waste produced by DIY home repair (no contractor waste)
Glass and mirrors (must be wrapped in cardboard and secured)
What we do not pick up:
Acids and caustics*
Automotive repair waste: Includes parts and/or liquid waste from automotive, boat or motorcycle repair, tires and rimes, automobile frames, crankcase, transmissions, wheels and tires, brake fluid, degreasers and lubricants
Bagged landscape waste. All bagged leaves or landscape debris must go in your big blue bin. 
Batteries of any kind, including automotive batteries*
Bricks, concrete, rocks or similar materials from DIY home projects.
Contractor waste: Uncontained sheetrock, concrete, gypsum and roofing materials, remodeling and demolition debris, dirt, bricks, rocks or concrete. These should be carried of by your contractor.
Diapers and pet waste
Fuels of any types, including propane tanks*
Landscape waste: includes landscape waste and trees cut by a professional contractor. Special conditions will apply for special pick-ups as the result of severe weather.
Nuclear materials
Oils, including automotive oil, house repair lubricants and cooking oils*
Paints and solvents*
Poisons* (Includes pest control, landscape and other poisonous materials)
Pool chemicals*
Rust remover*
Sewage and septic waste
*Items marked with an asterisk will be accepted at the City's Household Hazardous Waste Facility.