The Timber Creek Estates' Home Owner Association Covenants are officially filed with Canadian County Clerk's Office. All residents must abide by the filed Covenants. Any other copy or version of the covenants document not accessed through the Canadian County Office are for preview purposes only and deemed to not be official. 
The amendment of covenants below supersedes the previous version. The revised sections are in the link below as well as explanation for each change.
The Pool is Open!
Posted on May 14th, 2021
The pool is now open! The pool is open Monday 12 PM to 9 PM & Tuesday through Sunday 9 AM to 9 PM. 
IMPORTANT: If you have an outstanding balance your pool fob will be deactivated until your balance is paid in full. 
Questions about your balance? Please email the board or call Cynthia at (405)348-1436.
Volunteers Needed!
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2021
The board is looking for volunteers! We need volunteers to help with an upcoming yard sweep of the neighborhood, help with violations, and the pool. If you have any interest in volunteering to help the board please email us at
No Events at this time.
Report a Violation
Have you noticed something that violates the Covenants? Report it here.
All homeowners and renters must comply with the Covenants, which are reasonable rules to protect property values, preserve the nature of our community, and make life more enjoyable for everyone. The homeowners association has the legal authority to enforce all covenants and do so equitably and consistently.