Please call the OCPD non emergency line at 405-231-2121 to request extra patrols by the police department.
Neighborhood Watch
Timber Creek Estates has an active neighborhood watch program. All residents are encouraged to be vigilant at all times and report suspicious activity to the police. We conduct random patrols at all hours of the day. Timber Creek Estates works with our local law enforcement to actively prevent crime and report suspicious activity. Late night parking or loitering is not allowed at HOA property (basketball court/pool and playground parking areas) and all non residents could be subject to trespass if found in these areas after 9pm. HOA properties are monitored by surveillance cameras and all crimes occurring in these areas will be prosecuted. 
Timed Porch Lights
A well-lit neighborhood is a big crime deterrent. For those interested in automatic timers for outdoor lights, the timer and faceplate can be purchased at most hardware stores for around $25. If you do not wish to personally install one, we have a resident who will install it for $20. Once purchased contact Angee Wagner via Nextdoor or at to schedule an installation. Dusk-Till-Dawn sensors that screw into light bulbs are another option, but may not work on lights with frosted glass, enclosed fixtures, or porch lights out of direct sunlight. They can be purchased at hardware stores for around $10 per bulb.
Garage Security
There have been a couple of auto break-ins inside the garage where the resident is certain the garage door was closed.  Adding a zip tie or lock to your garage door release will prevent burglars from being able to manually open your garage door from the outside.  Using the lock button on the wall switch will also disable the use of remotes and prevent opening if the remote code is stolen.
2021 Open Board Positions
Posted on Oct 12th, 2020
We are looking for residents that are interested in being on the Timber Creek Estates HOA board for 2021. These positions will begin January 2021 and run one year in length. The HOA generally meets once a month or more frequently as needed. For more information please contact the HOA at 
Erosion Project
Posted on Oct 4th, 2020
October 8th 2020
Beginning October 8th, contractors from Ten Arrows Construction will be in the neighborhood to begin work on repairing the large retention area behind the homes on Coles Creek. As many homeowners know, this area has seen significant erosion that has caused damage to the drainage systems and eroded behind homes. The project location will be behind homes on Coles Creek from the 2300-2600 blocks. Construction is anticipated to last up to 3 weeks and could impact traffic in the area of Timber Ridge and Coles Creek. Homeowners should expect more noise and commercial vehicle traffic than normal but it should take place primarily during daylight hours. 
Homes that have been impacted, as far as having fences removed for heavy equipment access have already been notified. But for any questions or concerns please contact the HOA through the website. 
Volunteers Needed!
Posted on Aug 30th, 2020
Hello Neighbors!!
A lot have expressed interest in volunteering your time. If you are interested in leading or just helping out occasionally with one of these groups. Please email us at
1) Welcoming Committee
2) Architectural
3) Playground
4) Violations
5) Board Member for 2021
If you have any questions about the above committees and what the requirements would be please reach out to us at
Did you pay your HOA Dues?
Posted on Aug 30th, 2019
Payments made April 1st-30th are $275. On May 1st Liens will begin to be filed on homes that still have unpaid dues. We want to work with those that might be experiencing a difficulty in paying. Please contact the HOA, or our management company 405-348-1436 immediately if you feel you might be in this situation. Look at the Dues & Fees section of the website for more information regarding.
No Events at this time.
Report a Violation
Have you noticed something that violates the Covenants? Report it here.
All homeowners and renters must comply with the Covenants, which are reasonable rules to protect property values, preserve the nature of our community, and make life more enjoyable for everyone. The homeowners association has the legal authority to enforce all covenants and do so equitably and consistently.